Specification and high level design of WoWRealmStatus for iOS
WoWRealmStatus – an iOS app in development
Adding a fully custom page to wordpress in 3 easy steps
Sucking at Something is the First Step
The cost of custom iOS development
Multi-field sorting in MongoDB using cl-mongo
Goals and Accountability
6 Reasons Google Hates Your Restaurant’s Website (and How to Fix It)
Speak. Slower… and pause… often…
Lottery Calculator app sales funnel analytics for June, 2013
PostGreSQL time format for sitemaps
Lottery Calculator app sales funnel analytics for May, 2013
Lottery Calculator funnel analytics for April, 2013
VSIP Application
The Great Google Reader Exodus
Long Tail Optimization, the numbers of a happy accident
LottoCalc for iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad)
Passing apache connection and config information to the application server
2012 in review – UCW, LottoCalc, VCS/IRC notification, marketing, etc
Bootstrap progress bar update using jQuery/AJAX
VP 1.8 Released
Custom WordPress pages for sitemap support
Rand 1.9 released
Yet another blog
checking out ruby/rails
Mac .app bundle generation for SBCL executables
Language features and libraries
UCW Static application
UCW Server
Home, SBCL on FBSD
math games
EPAC 0.4
VP Release 1.6
GLPong release 1.2
Timestamp version 1.1 released
gamem4 0.2 released
rand 1.8 released
Random “b-log” like blurb
moving, plan…
glpong 1.1 released
EPAC 0.3
New article; car value…
More updates to agent
Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Mapping/modding/etc under Linux (pt 2)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Mapping/modding/etc under Linux (pt 1)
gamem4 0.1 released
referhack 1.0 released
TimeStamp 1.0 released
OpenAL commit bit
EPAC 0.2 released
Erik’s Partial Archive Collator
YANCS 0.1 released
gems 0.0 (alpha) released
mweb initial release (0.1)
Status report
debupdnot 1.2 released
version 1.1 released
debupdnot 1.0 released (initial release)
FBSD like du for linux
‘agent’ public
VP 1.5 released
iview changing name to ‘vp’
x86info for freebsd port
glpong 1.0 released
iView 1.4 released
Graduation, Drivers, etc.
iView 1.3 Released
GWCI 0.2 released
Iview 1.01 released, major bugfix
iview 1.0 released
Happy new years!
New website is up
Optimization article up
Mailing list and CVS defunct
WebTranslate 0.2 released
rand 1.7 released
error with makefile
Release 0.5
New poll
Mailing lists
Timer article up
rand 1.6 released
Joystick article up
B-day announcement.
Bugs are abound.
Let there be mail
CVS almost there
Status report
New web page.
rand 1.5 released
rand 1.2 released
BMUD 0.3.5 released
rand 1.0 released
Status report
BMUD 0.3 released
BMUD 0.2 released
doscompat 0.1 released
QuadBaby released
ppp-live released
BMUD 0.1 released
cdromclose 0c released.
b-xmodemlights released
cdromclose 0b released.
warp released
cdromclose 0a released.
Released dice as shareware