Enjoying my little vacation (May 30 was my last work day, contract expired… looking around for new employment now). Been playing with some web toys lately, little collect&graph statistical thingies. Sampling weather patterns for several zip codes with updates every half hour. Also monitoring performance on that machine (p100, 32m ram, linux). Eventually, I plan on making the interface slicker, so you can select time ranges and temperatures easier. Something more intuitive than typing in to set the start and end times (you can put in standard unix seconds since epoch, or other things like minutes, hours, months, weeks, whatever… that line could be done as “now-1week” or “now-168hours or whatever…. Also, the temp scale I listed is for Fahrenheit, the db stores Kelvin, and you can select different scales using F, C, K, and R). I think first I want to play with my toys some, I bought a palm pilot and an ibook to amuse myself… 🙂 Ahh, and when I was in maryland, I dropped my camera and finally got around to fixing it today. A little olympus digital camera, I’d managed to knock some actuator or something in it loose and it had some cover stuck half closed inside of the lense mechanism. It’s all fixed now 🙂

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