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Goals and Accountability

Accountabilibuddy I would like to take a little bit to talk about goals, accountability, and support. We’ve been indoctrinated into a system that sets goals for us and holds us accountable to the powers that be. We’re sent to school … Continue reading

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6 Reasons Google Hates Your Restaurant’s Website (and How to Fix It)

Joe and Sarah are tired. They’ve both spent a long day at work. It’s dinner time but they don’t want to cook. “Let’s go out for Italian” says Sarah. Joe goes to Google and types in “Italian Food”, bringing up … Continue reading

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Speak. Slower… and pause… often…

When I was young, I was absolutely terrified of getting up in front of the class to present something. Physically shaking, a weak shaky voice, staring down, rapidly reading off the 3×5 index cards, you name it. Even doing the … Continue reading

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Lottery Calculator app sales funnel analytics for June, 2013

The number of impressions, hits and sales for the Lottery Calculator dropped after the big Powerball jackpot in April, but the conversion rates seem to be remaining stable. As with last month, I’m posting the numbers as conversion rates for … Continue reading

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PostGreSQL time format for sitemaps

After converting the database for Adage from a memory resident format backed by cl-store to the postmodern PostGreSQL interface, Google reported that my generated sitemaps were flawed. The original bit of SQL I used to fill the last modified field … Continue reading

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Lottery Calculator app sales funnel analytics for May, 2013

May saw a bump in the number of people interested in lottery related searches. The spike was highest on May 17th, so it is probable reasonable to assume that the large Powerball jackpot ramping up to $590,000,000 before the big … Continue reading

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Lottery Calculator funnel analytics for April, 2013

The Lottery Calculator App is definitely not one of the huge iStore success stories, but it is turning out to be a very good educational test bed. Things are probably great if you can get featured by Apple. Unfortunately, very … Continue reading

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VSIP Application

VSIP application submitted! Last week, I applied for Voluntary Seperation Insentive Pay (VSIP) at my day job. With the sequestration and looming furlough, they offered a stack o’ cash as a carrot to trim the work force. The program is … Continue reading

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The Great Google Reader Exodus

Image credit: juliengron Google announced sunset of their RSS Reader and the geekier side of the internet seems to have exploded. Many articles and comments talk about the various alternatives and how the lack of an 800 pound gorilla in … Continue reading

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Long Tail Optimization, the numbers of a happy accident

I’ve been thinking a lot about SEO, long tail optimization, and various other methods for driving traffic lately. I have also been watching the analytics religiously and trying to guess at what matters. A certain blog post (the one about … Continue reading

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