Sucking at Something is the First Step

I saw this clip being passed around a little while back and thought I’d post it here.

“Dude, sucking at something is the first step towards being sort of good at something”

Today was the first day in a very long time that I was recorded in a video. The last time involved VHS cassettes. Don’t worry, it wasn’t for a dating service 😉

I’d gotten somewhat used to speaking in front of audiences. That in itself is a miracle, public speaking has never been my thing.

In college, my voice would shake and I’d rush through the presentation in terror.

Now I can stand up and smoothly present to larger audiences. There’s a rush with a bit of fear to it, but a lot of excitement as well.

This recorded video was different.

It was just me and the laptop in the room, no live audience.

Yet the same feelings I had speaking in front of a college class came flooding back.

Possibly worse. After all, speaking to a live audience has a definite end.

Speaking to the video camera, I could keep redoing it until I was happy.

I was suddenly very aware of every hesitation, every fill word, every mumble, every single time I glanced at the monitor or to the side.

Every tiny mistake seemed so immense that I’d stop and have to start all over.

I stopped myself pretty quick and called it “good enough”, but it was still a pretty rough experience. I was very aware of how much I sucked.

I’ll probably record another short presentation video again in the near future. I’ll probably suck again. That’s ok. I’ll suck a little less.

Eventually, I’ll stop sucking and be sort of ok.

If I keep doing it, I’ll get pretty ok. Then sort of good. Then pretty good.

The trick is to start out being ok with sucking.

After all, it’s better to suck but have done it than it is to never try at all, right?

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