VP Release 1.6

ahhh, the first release in over four years… a fistful of things have been fixed and/or improved, and a couple things added… here’s the (unsorted, incomplete, etc) list…

  • Windows fixes
  • added resolution parm
  • addition of “loud” flag
  • fixed “double-flash”
  • fixed off by one bug in zooming
  • force shutdown of network socket
  • handle missing or bad files better
  • improved data handling in image.c (table instead of ll)
  • input is now case insensitive
  • mkstemps switch fix
  • osX.3 issues fixed

(and now for the barrage of bug reports (send ’em to erik at the host you’re looking at dot edu) complaining about the stuff I broke and/or messed up 😉

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