Bugs are abound.

I’ve gotten report on a couple bugs and I wanna give the quick fix instead of waiting for another full release. So here we go 🙂

  • Permission oopses. The subdirs are group suid, src/prefs.c is -w—-r–, and some files are grouped under 50. This should fix it:
       chmod 755 src install.d chmod 644 src/* chown -R root.root *

    (assuming you want everything owned and grouped to root). If you don’t understand those commands, or what permissions are, or what’s going on, please read the man file until you completely understand. Blindly typing in something you find on the internet (ESPECIALLY as root) is incredibly stupid and will get you in serious trouble.

  • ASCII violation in transmissions. According to rfc854, sent lines are supposed to have a <CR><LF> combo, where I just had <LF>. I also put a rude comment in color.c concerning that, I take it back and apologize 🙂 I’m used to bitching about m$ style text putting ^M on my screen.To fix it, edit src/net.c and go to line 185. This is what it should look like:
            send (sockfd, "\n", 1, 0);

    All you need to do is change it to this

            send (sockfd, "\r\n", 1, 0);

    I’m told that bmud does not play well with some muds because of this. Thanks to David for pointing this out to me and not getting too mad when I bugged him for the rfc number 🙂

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