Release 0.5

This is mostly a stepping stone release, I think. Here’s the changes

  • Aliases (thanks Dan Tenner)
  • New networking code (thanks Robert Hansen)
  • Internationalization/localization (I think…)
  • New preferences dialog
  • Lots of fixes for compatability with muds, like
    • the is appended as per rfc854 (Thanks David Knight)
    • handles escape codes that don’t end in ‘m’ (Thanks Stephan Gtter)
  • Lots of code cleanup
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Connection wizard is now buttons (click on which mud you want

I probably missed a lot of stuff on what’s happened… 🙂

http download: files/bmud-0.5.tar.gz (208Kb)
ftp download: not available (sorry)
cvs:”. password is blank (just hit enter), ‘bmud-stable’ just gets bugfixes, ‘bmud’ is unstable

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