New poll

Happy new years 🙂 I slapped together another poll, and I feel obligated to give a little background on why this certain topic is being broached… Right now, I have two header files to seperate the gnome stuff from the gtk+ only stuff. The configure script makes with a define if gnome is present, and if it is, then an #ifdef includes the gnome header, else the gtk+ header. The problem is I code the gnome part and ignore the gtk+ part. Then when I’m ready to release, I try to port as much as I can to the gtk+ only port. So my question to you is should I move bmud to being gnome only, or should I continue to support people with gtk+ but without gnome? I wrote up a new poll mechanism, this one is in perl and accesses a MySQL database. It was easier to write, will be MUCH easier to interpret, and hopefully I wrote it generic enough where no code change will need to be done to change polls. I’m on my way to writing a mini-slashdot, woohoo! 🙂

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