Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Mapping/modding/etc under Linux (pt 2)

I’ve written up a Makefile to replace bspc. It also does the appropriate level image mutilation using ImageMagick’s “convert” utility and creates (and installs) the pk3 file. A few notes on its use…

  • A couple variables need to be edited for your system and map. PKG is the map name.
    The levelshot must be in png format, named “${PKG}.png”, must be bigger than 512×512, and should be 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • If the .map file is newer than the .bsp, it will generate a new bsp.
  • Unlike the bspc script, this expects to have its own directory. I like using ~/rtcw/${PKG}
    The map I’ve been toying with is named ‘de’, so I have ~/rtcw/de/ holding and de.png. When I do ‘make pk3’, I get de.pk3, and in the game, I do “/spdevmap de” in the console.

Figuring out how to generate the bsp was a bit of a pain, the GtkRadiant source is an ugly mess and the docs for q3map2 are rough following if you don’t already know what’s going on. I ended up having the q3map2 shell script append $* into a tmp file so I could look at it…

Still no luck finding a terrain generator/converter… I may end up writing one… I’ve some ideas for ‘useful’ cli tools to automatically generate chunks of map that’d otherwise be extremely tedious.

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