Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Mapping/modding/etc under Linux (pt 1)

Ok, so I’ve been playing some with rtcw, trying to figure out how to map on linux. I’ve made some progress, gained some understanding, etc… First off, you need to have the game and X with glx all set up. I’ll assume you do… The tool I’ve been playing with is GtkRadiant.

I’ve written a couple scripts to help me deal with generating the maps in a playable fashion, but I’m thinking I will end up using a makefile later on. If you want my ‘bspc’ script to generate the AI data for single player maps, I’ve dropped a version of it Here. This is not quite the same as what the windows tutorials suggest. I kept getting ‘leaked’ and ‘no entities’ errors following that… The answer was to include the -forcesidesvisible flag, which alleviated the problem.

As I learn more, I will try to keep posting ‘news’ to this site, and eventually start releasing maps, tools, and tutorials, I suppose. Little things, like gtkradiant units seem to be in inches.

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