Status report

Just so everyone knows what’s up… Bmud hasn’t been getting a lot of attention lately. I’ve been up to my nose in school work (doing 18 hours this semester) and had a job until very recently (if anyone needs some contract type work done, I need money), in addition to several other projects. A new website will be popping up reasonable soon, then I hope to do a complete rewrite of bmud, as the code base has be come pretty hairy (prime example of a project with lots of enthusiasm and no planning). Right now the working tree has highly experimental perl and guile support built into it but I don’t think I’ll be releasing it. Hopefully after the re-write it’ll have a much better architecture, be much faster and more stable, and be much more developer friendly. If you want to help out or be involved in any way, throw me an email at I’m particularly interested in translators, documentation writers, and artists. I’m also pretty interested in knowing what’s good and what needs to be done 🙂 Take it easy, expect the new website soon.

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