debupdnot 1.0 released (initial release)

I administrate a few debian linux machines on the ‘net (and I’m doing it gratis when I should be looking for a job, silly me). One of the things that is kind of tiresome is ssh’ing into these machines, su’ing up to root, doing the dselect thing, and finding that most of the time I’ve nothing to do, and just wasted a couple minutes. This script gets called by cron, updates, then send an email if packages have been updated and should be upgraded, or if new packages are available. I also tossed in some basic ‘nice to know’ things like uptime, etc. The tarball includes a detailed INSTALL file, as well as having a copy of the “modified” bsd license, which this is released under. Please be nice to the debian servers when you set this up 🙂 I’ve only tested this on debian/linux, but it should work on debian/hurd if they provide unix like commands for shellscripts. Or any other apt-get and dpkg equiped machine with a few common unix shutils, for that matter…

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