moving, plan…

Moved yet again… this time just to the other side of Bel Air. I’m planning on staying at this new place for more than the 6-10 months I’ve been doing… See’z, I just bought my first house 🙂 (woohoo!). This has been one of the things I’ve been burning a lot of time on for the last, uh, many months. And to get out of the house, I ordered a new r/c plane from Tower Hobbies. I’ve never used them before, I generally prefer small local shops… but the guys on the field recommended some place up in pennsylvania, and I’m not gonna drive 45 minutes for r/c plane crap. Now I needs to buy me a new computer and a new car… then I’ll be set for a few years.

On the coding side of things, it’s slow going. Coding icky java crap at work makes me want to turn off my brain and gel post-work. (I dont’ think it’s the java thing as much as the OO thing… it lacks elegance and sexiness). I have a mostly working gtk2 port of bmud which will be my next release, I think. I’ve got quite a bit of gems stuff updated. I’ve also been working over many of my projects with doxygen and libcheck. Eventually I’d like to come up with some kind of way to generate an objective metric of code quality. That’d be cool… fire up a program and have it kick back a number that says how robust a piece of code is… I’m a long time fan of the anal gcc flags (-Wall -W -Werror -ansi -pedantic) as well as tools like splint (formerly lclint). I also want to improve text rendering, sound, and CD in glpong and make some pages to my pages php stuff.

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