Random “b-log” like blurb

  • Airplanes. Somewhere between the last post and this, the MKII at it. Twice. The first time, I lost track of it, it got on the other side of a huge mulch pile, came up, dropped back down, and buried itself in some bramble. Fixed it up, was out flying, it was smooth, slick, easy, … then I got clever, started doing rolls, loops, immelmans, etc… and the wing folded. 1 dead plane.Following the MKII, I built and flew the kadet lt40. A very fun plane, graceful, easy to control… coming in for a landing on the 21st or 2nd of may, I misjudged distance and hit a tree on the other side of deer creek (I think). *shakes fist at justin for buzzing his plane with that pos voyager…*. After crossing the river the next morning (chest deep on the way over, and deeper than I am tall on the way back… different place in the river, to account for current), I returned home empty handed… only ~$300 lost, however. Justin let my fly his plane that evening, and the engine went fruity on me, as I put it down, the plane… shattered. Apparently that’s what happens when you try landing with only one wingbolt. After repairing his plane on the night of the 22nd, I was ready to test fly it… went out to the field early on the 23rd, got the engine running, but it died during taxi. Returned it to the field equipment, fired it back up… and I don’t know what happened… if I just was stupid, or if the plane slid in the cradle… but the thing bit my finger. I’m still recovering from that, with ambulance bills, emergency room bills, hand specialist/surgeon bills… I’m buyin’ me some heavy duty gloves when I go flyin’ again… not in the near future.
  • Code. I handed BMUD off to [Ancient] (Alan) as he was interested in polishing his skills by completing the GTK2 update. I’ve been busying myself with a little GEMS stuff, fixes and updates to glpong and rand, along with various other shtuffs.I’ve also been poking at a small side project… writing yet another fantabulous game engine. I’m trying to rethink how game engines are designed, implemented, and used. I’ve never been satisfied with the status quo… Not with the engines I’ve written (a few), nor the ones I’ve used (a few, including quack 2 from here.

yet I continue to march on 🙂

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