glpong 1.1 released

There seems to be a reasonable amount of interest over this little hack, so I’m polishing it up a bit… This release is mostly moving to better api’s and laying down the foundation for future advances. Some of the changes include:

  • MacosX port
  • changed from SDL_Mixer to OpenAL
  • Changed from SDL_Image to libpng
  • Endian fixes (should work on big endian machines now)
  • Gameplay tweaks
  • Performance statistics (printed to stdout on program termination)
  • Initial manpage

Also, the makefile is able to make redhat rpm files and macosX bundles… I just need to get a redhat machine with the right libs on for the rpm. The bundle requires me learning a bit more about bundling, I don’t want to force people to go download sdl, libpng, and openal to install into /System/Frameworks or something, and I believe those libs can be included right in the bundle…

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