Lottery Calculator funnel analytics for April, 2013

The Lottery Calculator App is definitely not one of the huge iStore success stories, but it is turning out to be a very good educational test bed. Things are probably great if you can get featured by Apple. Unfortunately, very few apps can be featured, so a different approach to marketing is required.

Funnel for Analytics

The web page I set up for Lottery Calculator is very basic, not much more than the app store entry. One key difference is that I can get a little information on how many visitors there are and do some analysis on the funnel. The metrics currently gathered are hits, outclicks, and how many of those hits are from the target platform (iPhone or iPad). Additionally, I gather information from the Google Webmaster tool about how often the page shows up in search as well as the number of actual purchases. Assuming the purchases are overwhelmingly from people who found it from the web page and that most users find it via Google, I’ve set up the basic funnel. Search->Hit->Outclick->buy.



Conversion Rates

A little basic math provides the conversion rates


Conversion Rates

February is skewed due to a brief ad campaign that brought in 15 hits. I modified the web page a bit based on SEO advice from around the web in March which I think is responsible for two bumps, the first almost immediately, then a significant jump in impressions in mid April.

Wrap up

One thing that jumps out at me is how very little data is needed to give somewhat consistent results. I expected the graph to jump all over the place, but the curves quickly flattened out. If I’d have known, I would have began collecting and analyzing much sooner instead of assuming I had too little data to be useful.

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