Status report

Preparing for release .4 now. A lot of reports that some ‘garbage characters’ came up when you ran ‘make’ to list the targets. The make file runs clear initially, so if you have a bad broken terminal (I.E. m$-telnet) then some crap will show up there. No more, I’ve changed it over to an automake/autoconfig script. Now it’s ./configure ; make all install. The ability to load up colors is possable, BUT there’re some problems with it. If you want custom colors, you need to edit ~/.bmud/colors then after you run bmud, you need to type /cload or #cload. Erik Thyren submitted a basic connect wizard script for gtk+, I’ve bound up the gnome menu to include it also. Minor directory restructering has happened, a major overhaul will happen. the desktop file is now there so it puts it on the panel. Fixed a networking bug, if you try to disconnect when you’re not connected, it won’t do weird things anymore. The main gtkrc parse is fixed so it looks in ~/.bmud/gtkrc instead of /root/.bmud/gtkrc (I’m suprised people haven’t bitched about this one?.

Before I release .4, these things will happen.

  • Code restructing to make it easier to hack on.
  • A configure panel will be build, and mostly implemented
  • Preferences will be saved and loaded on boot.
  • I’d like to get this color thing fixed so it automatically uses your file.
  • Command line parms to connect and stuff will be included
  • the /connect #connect command will take parms so you can do /connect [mud ip/dns] [port]
  • Any small bugs that pop up will hopefully be squished

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