Happy new years!

Just a general news blurb to say happy new years 🙂 Might as well use this space to say something psuedo interesting, as 99% of the hits on this page will either be for software or artices. After the beating my last article I wrote took on freshmeat, I think I’m going to take a break from article writing. I’m currently working hard on the new codebase of bmud (which is starting to shape up and will be very solid and very developer friendly. I’ve found lclint and doxygen to be pretty handy). After I pop out bmud 0.6, I plan on working on fcl (a purely functional language that I plan on conducting a few experiments on. I personally consider myself a scientist first and foremost :). I also have most of a mail client written that is basically a small shell that handles configuration file parsing and command line parms, the executable just acts as a module loader and mediator, the backends will be both a series of sql interfaces and ‘plain file’ formatters, the frontends include gtk+, gnome, ncurses, and will hopefully include middleware to allow perl, guile, python, ruby, java, etc, and various ‘native’ formats like qt, kde, sdl, etc). Another project in the near future is a terminal program utilizing SDL (I’ve become a big SDL and OpenGL fan). Anyways, all my future releases will include fbsd support (as that what I’m now using) as well as debian and redhat x86 binaries). Ending this inebriated session… -Erik

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