I feel a need to ramble, I set up phpComic on my box downstairs so I can get my fix quicker. I was probly spending around 30-60 minutes a day reading web comics 🙂 I’m thinking I should set up a page to list projects I’ve worked on that aren’t my own (the software pages are all projects/hacks I initiated and maintain). Hopefully this phpcomic setup will give me an extra hour a day to work on bmud and gems. Once gems is usable (and it’s almost there), that should free up even more time by automating a lot of the dirty work of being on lots of mailing lists. I used to use xfmail but it messed up parsing spools and had serious issues with nontrivial mailbox sizes, ditched xfmail and xforms and have been using balsa which I feel is very poor for any kind of non-trivial use. I’m also thinking these php scripts need some work 🙂

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