Web Apps

Notify-vc version control notification service

Monitor commits to your version control system with the new VCS Commit Notification system. The web interface allows filtering by file and author, allowing quick and easy examination of the commit history. Get instant notification of repository activity via RSS or RFC1459 (IRC) online collaberation messages. Qualified open source projects get all the bells and whistles for free!

System Performance Monitor

Performance monitor collects system utilization statistics and sends them to a central server for analysis. Save money on your datacenter by purchasing exactly the hardware you need. Determine if it's more cost effective to migrate to cloud computing. Improve software performance by isolating the true bottlenecks. A user friendly dashboard graphs system utilization in an intuitive and visual fashion, allowing you to gain insight instead of just data.

Fortunes, Adages and Quotes

Adages!A collection of quotes, adages, jokes, fortunes and other snippets. Pick one at random or go through the list.

Kore0 space empire game

Battle other players for domination of the universe inKore0. A web based massively multiplayer online game where you can colonize planets, build armadas and wage war on enemies.

Secure Password Generator

Generate secure random passwords quickly and easily with Password Generator. Use different passwords on every website to avoid password spillage.