x86info for freebsd port

x86info is a neat little program written mostly by Dave Jones (I think) that pulls some basic info about the 80×86 cpu on the machine, using stuff like the cpuid opcode. I thought this was neat on my linux partition, and decided I wanted it on my fbsd partition, so I did a couple basic modifications to get it compiling/working on fbsd (a header fix and a fix for quering the number of cpu’s), threw the patch to the sourceforge project at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/x86info/ and did up a port for FreeBSD. If you’re a fbsd user anxious to use the port, I tossed it in my files directory, http://math.smsu.edu/~erik/files/x86info.shar. It’s only 3.35k, so I didn’t bother gzipping it. 🙂 Have fun

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