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Multi-field sorting in MongoDB using cl-mongo

After 15 years of occasional SQL work and a couple years of seeing NoSQL all over the place, I bit the bullet and decided to convert one projects over from PostGreSQL to MongoDB. The project was a simple UCW web … Continue reading

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Passing apache connection and config information to the application server

One of the challenges I’ve had in working with UnCommon Web (UCW) as an application server behind an Apache front-end is handling connection information. Modproxy creates a new connection to the app server itself, losing some of the incoming information. … Continue reading

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2012 in review – UCW, LottoCalc, VCS/IRC notification, marketing, etc

2012 has been a busy and educational year. To get my feet under me better with UCW and common lisp, I wrote up the Adage website. Right now it has a handful of fortune databases plus a handful of Charlie … Continue reading

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Mac .app bundle generation for SBCL executables

A recent diversion had me busy for a fair amount of time trying to generate a .app bundle for MacOS-X for a program written in SBCL. There were some interesting challenges, so I felt it might be useful to someone … Continue reading

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UCW Static application

The last journal entry I made went through the process of creating a UCW server. Such a thing is quite useless by itself. This time, we’ll build a very basic application to server up static content, simple files from the … Continue reading

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UCW Server

Ahh, finally recovered my password. I had this entire entry written and was starting to look for links, but lost it as I enabled javascript for livejournal elsewhere on the site and could not find any way to recover the … Continue reading

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