Yes, it’s still being worked on.
No, it’s not abandoned.
No, there is no cvs.
Yes, there will be cvs soon.
Yes, the mailing list defunct.
Yes, there will be a new mailing list.

The new config method is really sweet imho, but it has things busted and I’m having some implementation problems. New networking code (a full rewrite) was submitted, a few small bugfixes, etc. I think Dan is working on simple aliases, I’m working on a total revamp of the prefs, and for 0.5 I’d like to have i18n/l10n, command scripting (colinear with simple aliases), and MAYBE triggers. Real life takes precedence, so 0.5 may not be released until sometime in the next millenia (1000 yrs is a decent safety margin I think)

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