Status report

Just letting everyone know I’m not dead or anything 🙂 I have several projects on my plate right now (I did a todo list, 18 things, 15 of them programming), so I’ve been a bit busy. I’m hoping I’ll be able to start finishing some of them up in the next few days and releasing them. Also been busy fixing things around the house (fear my soldering pencil) and kind of looking for a job (gotta replace the $500 of stereo stuff stolen from my pickup a couple days ago.) Also been back to that horrible passtime of reading, which consumes ungodly amounts of time without any immediately visible benefit 🙂 I’m thinking about bolting a few new things into my website… commenting system, maybe a rating thing so I can get more input on what people thing I should be spending my time on and what they think is good… I like to monitor site statistics, but a lot of my stuff gets mirrored and I typically find those by accident and don’t get any statistics from those…

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