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VP 1.8 Released

VP 1.8 is out! This release features improvements for 64 bit platforms, updated RPM build files and hinted window centering on X11 based displays. http://elfga.com/~erik/files/vp-1.8.tar.bz2 http://elfga.com/~erik/files/vp-1.8.tar.gz http://elfga.com/~erik/files/vp-1.8.tar.xz

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Custom WordPress pages for sitemap support

As tempting as rolling my own blog engine was, I opted to use wordpress for the time being. I may revisit that decision in the future, but getting something up and running seemed more important than wasting time on a … Continue reading

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Rand 1.9 released

Rand 1.9 is out. Some changes include Fixed bug on FreeBSD where first line was always the same. Improved randomness for platforms with drand48(). Portability fixes. Fixed error in man page. Bugs, memory leaks and overflows fixed. Available at http://elfga.com/~erik/files/ … Continue reading

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Yet another blog

I’ve started up yet another new blog and imported the data not only from my old livejournal, but from old ‘news’ entries from http://math.smsu.edu/~erik as well. I’ve tagged all the old livejournal entries with a “livejournal” tag, the old math … Continue reading

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checking out ruby/rails

Many years ago, both Ruby and Python were brand new languages, both of which I looked in to. In the fall of 2000, I wrote a paper covering the aspect of ruby and how I felt it was superior to … Continue reading

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Mac .app bundle generation for SBCL executables

A recent diversion had me busy for a fair amount of time trying to generate a .app bundle for MacOS-X for a program written in SBCL. There were some interesting challenges, so I felt it might be useful to someone … Continue reading

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Language features and libraries

I came across a blog entry that implemented a “feature” of C# called “??” in smalltalk. I like smalltalk a lot (Squeak, specifically. I’m sad that I can’t seem to find their “cipher” program anymore.). I, however, have been living … Continue reading

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UCW Static application

The last journal entry I made went through the process of creating a UCW server. Such a thing is quite useless by itself. This time, we’ll build a very basic application to server up static content, simple files from the … Continue reading

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UCW Server

Ahh, finally recovered my password. I had this entire entry written and was starting to look for links, but lost it as I enabled javascript for livejournal elsewhere on the site and could not find any way to recover the … Continue reading

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been sick. Still a little sick. Bought a new macbook, it’s nice 🙂 Sad that I run into so many issues trying to get gnucash installed via macports on leopard (10.5). LISP Since I have nothing cool to say, I’ll … Continue reading

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