Well, this morning, I went out and bought a laptop… Stopped by the apple store up in germantown (yanking at their door minutes before they opened, my timing was awesome considering I left my apt, went to run some errands, then drive up there), and got me a little 12″ ibook. Shoved the airport card (not extreme) under the keyboard, fired the puppy up, have been playing with it. I’m liking it a lot, but there were a few things that irked me. Like no cc on the system by default. I grabbed the full monster developer package from apples site and dropped that on. I plugged my digital camera in and iphotos started jumping on the ‘finder’ (wow, cool, slick), but the palm was another story, had to d/l stuff from palms site. *sigh*. I keep hitting capslock when I mean to hit control… the only keyboard that has a control key there that I know if is the sun type5 :/ the glidepad is also weird, you can’t “stylus” it, I d’no what exactly it’s looking for, but both my palm stylus and my fingernail seem to lack it while my fingertips and knuckles seem to have it 🙂 Once I found the ‘terminal’ program, I was happy… set it up to be dark with light text, larger font, and a TINY bit transparent (that works sweetly). I still have to figure out how to set the root password, it just doesn’t feel right doing everything through a configurator as an ‘admnistrative’ user… I want my user to be incredbily limited and the ability to become godlike. That’s the unix way. Ah well, more playing… maybe soon I’ll start porting to macosX and releasing bins for that… 🙂

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