iview changing name to ‘vp’

I got an e-mail from “iview-multimedia” claiming they have registered the word ‘iview’ as a trademark and would have their lawyer in contact with me if I did not change my softwares name. Instead of researching and verifying, I’m just gonna change it. Originally I was thinking of changing it to iv, but ‘image view’ is tarballed as iv-x.x.tar.gz. ‘siview’ seems to be some cad involved program from Germany. So for now I’m calling it ‘vp’, which stands for “view picture”. I figured it’d be decently safe from trademark issues 🙂 If someone has a better name, please feel free to email it to me, I don’t really think ‘vp’ is that good of a name. Expect a new release soon to institute the name change, as well as fix a slew of bugs :))

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