Ok, I have cvs up and running, with two versions. To log into the cvs server:

export CVSROOT=""
cvs login

Just hit enter at the password line, there is no password. Both ‘anon’ and ‘anonymous’ are unpassworded read-only accounts. The two branches are bmud which is a super-unstable cutting edge “gee whiz it’s pretty, too bad it doesn’t work worth a s***” branch, and bmud-stable, which will be the most recent release (0.4 in this case) with any important bugfixes. If you just want to use it, and not code parts of it, use bmud-stable! I expect the development version to be non-functional probably 90% of the time. If you don’t know what CVS is, there are good docs at Please be gentle on the server, it’s on an extremely slow machine with an extremely slow uplink and if it starts impeding with normal operations, I’ll have to ditch the cvs pserver.

cvs -z3 co bmud
cvs -z3 co bmud-stable

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