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Specification and high level design of WoWRealmStatus for iOS

Project Goal For the first release of WoWRealmStatus, the goal will be to get realm status change notifications on the device. Anything that doesn’t support that is unnecessary and will be shelved until we get the app in the store … Continue reading

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WoWRealmStatus – an iOS app in development

You may have heard of a game called “World of Warcraft”. One interesting aspect is that server downtime is both frequent and downtimes tend to be long. Sometimes really long. Like 12 hour long. Often, these downtimes occur on the … Continue reading

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Adding a fully custom page to wordpress in 3 easy steps

WordPress and it’s plugins do a great job for 99% of the things you’d want in a web page, but occasionally you need something special. You might need to run custom PHP, respond to AJAX queries, generate downloadable content, or … Continue reading

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Sucking at Something is the First Step

I saw this clip being passed around a little while back and thought I’d post it here. “Dude, sucking at something is the first step towards being sort of good at something” Today was the first day in a very … Continue reading

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The cost of custom iOS development

Every once in a while, I get asked how much it would cost to make an iPhone app by someone with an idea but no experience in custom software development. The response is typically shock when they hear that even … Continue reading


Goals and Accountability

Accountabilibuddy I would like to take a little bit to talk about goals, accountability, and support. We’ve been indoctrinated into a system that sets goals for us and holds us accountable to the powers that be. We’re sent to school … Continue reading

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6 Reasons Google Hates Your Restaurant’s Website (and How to Fix It)

Joe and Sarah are tired. They’ve both spent a long day at work. It’s dinner time but they don’t want to cook. “Let’s go out for Italian” says Sarah. Joe goes to Google and types in “Italian Food”, bringing up … Continue reading

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Speak. Slower… and pause… often…

When I was young, I was absolutely terrified of getting up in front of the class to present something. Physically shaking, a weak shaky voice, staring down, rapidly reading off the 3×5 index cards, you name it. Even doing the … Continue reading

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Lottery Calculator app sales funnel analytics for June, 2013

The number of impressions, hits and sales for the Lottery Calculator dropped after the big Powerball jackpot in April, but the conversion rates seem to be remaining stable. As with last month, I’m posting the numbers as conversion rates for … Continue reading

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PostGreSQL time format for sitemaps

After converting the database for Adage from a memory resident format backed by cl-store to the postmodern PostGreSQL interface, Google reported that my generated sitemaps were flawed. The original bit of SQL I used to fill the last modified field … Continue reading

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