2012 in review – UCW, LottoCalc, VCS/IRC notification, marketing, etc

2012 has been a busy and educational year.

To get my feet under me better with UCW and common lisp, I wrote up the Adage website. Right now it has a handful of fortune databases plus a handful of Charlie Sheen quotes.

The LottoCalc iOS app Erin had the idea for was written and posted in the store. Sales haven’t been great, but there was definitely a lot of educational value and perhaps an updated version would be a great test bed for learning more about marketing.

As a followup to LottoCalc, I wrote a quick KaBOOM! game using OpenGL ES 2 with the appropriate GLSL parts and a scratch build minimal scenegraph manager. Apple rejected it due to poor art, and I’m very slow about generating art, so it’s on the backburner for now. The web page for it is http://elfga.com/KerBLAM.

In November, I started up the Notify project to replace the defunct CIA.vc system for posting VCS commit messages to IRC. The core is open source and available at https://github.com/erikg/cl-cia. The two tricky parts are parsing the wide variety of email formats generated from commit hooks and all the little details of the web interface.

I’ve also learned a lot about SEO this last year, with my web traffic up more than 600%. The website is now littered with fixed names and events for google analytics, scripts to generate sitemaps, and all sorts of other neat little details.

I mentored in both the Google Summer of Code and Google Code In projects in support of BRL-CAD, as well as working a full time job and taking time to do the family thing. Quite a year.

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