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2017-07-19 12:54:57.186376321216ngie

Record merges for r319659 and r319660.
2017-07-19 12:54:47.406824321215ngie

Record merges for r319659 and r319660.
2017-07-12 20:20:55.978565320926mm

Re-tag 3.3.2
2017-07-01 23:43:47.776541320563araujo

Revert bad merge r320390, sorry for the noisy.
2017-07-01 23:35:12.220107320562araujo

MFC r320390:With r318394 seems it breaks gpart(8) in some embedded systems such like PCEngines,RPI1-B, Alix and APU2 boards as well as NanoBSD with the following message:vnode_pager_generic_getpages_done: I/O read error 5Seems the breakage was because it was missed to include acr in glabel update.Reported by: Peter Blok <>, madpilot, imp and trasz.Reviewed by: traszTested by: Peter Blok and madpilot.Sponsored by: iXsystems, Inc.Differential Revision:
2017-05-26 07:26:09.396375318926avg

MFV r316919: 7885 zpool list can report 16.0e for expandszFreeBSD note: this is a record-only change, the actual change wasdirectly committed by smh.illumos/illumos-gate@c040c10cdd1e4eab0fc88203758367dd81e057b7 a member of a RAIDZ has been replaced with a device smaller than theoriginal, then the top level vdev can report its expand size as 16.0E.The reduced child asize causes the RAIDZ to have a vdev_asize lower than itsvdev_max_asize which then results in an underflow during the calculation of theparents expand size.Also for RAIDZ vdevs the sum of their child vdev_min_asize could be smallerthan the parents vdev_min_size.Fixed by: by: Matthew Ahrens <>Reviewed by: George Wilson <>Approved by: Gordon Ross <>Author: Steven Hartland <>
2017-05-26 06:34:56.670123318922avg

MFV r316927: 5379 modifying a mmap()-ed file does not update its timestampsFreeBSD note: this is a record-only merge as the FreeBSD putpages codeis quite different from the upstream.illumos/illumos-gate@80e10fd0d22bbf0d18bfdae035e06f44c68ae8e6 following is based on a review of the illumos code and on a similar problemreported for FreeBSD where the relevant code is different.Looking at this block of code I see code to set up ansa_bulk_attr_t object, I see code to set up mtime and ctime values, but I donot see code to actually apply the attributes...I would expect there to be a call to sa_bulk_update(), there is such a call inzfs_write() for instance.mmap_write.c [Magnifier] - demo (1.42 KB) Andriy Gapon, 2015-11-11 01:53 PMReviewed by: Matthew Ahrens <>Reviewed by: Prashanth Sreenivasa <>Reviewed by: Dan McDonald <>Approved by: Gordon Ross <>Author: Andriy Gapon <>
2017-05-24 18:41:19.477702318834avg

MFV r316930: 5814 bpobj_iterate_impl(): Close a refcount leak iterating on a sublist.illumos/illumos-gate@b67dde11a73a9455d641403cbbb65ec2add41b41 pull in this patch from freebsd: Close a refcount leak iterating on a sublist.If bpobj_space() returned non-zero here, the sublist would have beenleft open, along with the bonus buffer hold it requires. This calldoes not invoke any calls to bpobj_close() itself.This bug doesn't have any known vector, but was found on inspection.MFC after: 1 weekSponsored by: Spectra LogicAffects: All ZFS versions starting 21 May 2010 (illumos cde58dbc)MFSpectraBSD: r1050998 on 2014/03/26Fix bpobj_iterate_impl() to properly call bpobj_close() if bpobj_space()returns an error.Reviewed by: Prakash Surya <>Reviewed by: Matthew Ahrens <>Reviewed by: Paul Dagnelie <>Reviewed by: Simon Klinkert <>Approved by: Gordon Ross <>Author: Will Andrews <>FreeBSD note: this is a "record-only" commit as the actual change wasdirectly committed to FreeBSD by (or on behalf of) the author.
2017-05-23 05:20:46.767076318735n_hibma

Commit the mergeinfo for the commit to sbin/dhclient.
2017-05-12 14:10:49.208264318248jhb

Record mergeinfo for merge of r315086.
2017-05-11 16:01:40.256721318195mav

Record as merged revisions that were reverted in head:r307392, r308781, r310023, r310104.
2017-05-05 16:41:48.669278317852ken

Add mergeinfo that should have been included in r317850.Original commit message for r317850:MFC r317680:Add the SCSI SSC Manufacturer assigned serial number VPD page.This is current as of SSC-5r03.Submitted by: Sam KlopschSponsored by: Spectra Logic
2017-04-24 23:29:53.059833317396delphij

Note r317395 as merged.
2017-03-28 06:20:04.081502316086mav

MFC r313568 (by ken):Change the isp(4) driver to not adjust the tag type for REQUEST SENSE.The isp(4) driver was changing the tag type for REQUEST SENSEcommands to Head of Queue, when the CAM CCB flagCAM_TAG_ACTION_VALID was NOT set. CAM_TAG_ACTION_VALID is setwhen the tag action in the XPT_SCSI_IO is not CAM_TAG_ACTION_NONEand when the target has tagged queueing turned on.In most cases when CAM_TAG_ACTION_VALID is not set, it is becausethe target is not doing tagged queueing. In those cases, trying tosend a Head of Queue tag may cause problems. Instead, default tosending a simple tag.IBM tape drives claim to support tagged queueing in their standardInquiry data, but have the DQue bit set in the control mode page(mode page 10). CAM correctly detects that these drives do notsupport tagged queueing, and clears the CAM_TAG_ACTION_VALID flagon CCBs sent down to the drives.This caused the isp(4) driver to go down the path of setting thetag action to a default value, and for Request Sense commands only,set the tag action to Head of Queue.If an IBM tape drive does get a Head of Queue tag, it rejects it withInvalid Message Error (0x49,0x00). (The Qlogic firmware translates thatto a Transport Error, which the driver translates to an UnrecoverableHBA Error, or CAM_UNREC_HBA_ERROR.) So, by default, it wasn't possibleto get a good response from a REQUEST SENSE to an FC-attached IBMtape drive with the isp(4) driver.IBM tape drives (tested on an LTO-5 with G9N1 firmware and a TS1150with 4470 firmware) also have a bug in that sending a command with anon-simple tag attribute breaks the tape drive's Command ReferenceNumber (CRN) accounting and causes it to ignore all subsequentcommands because it and the initiator disagree about the nextexpected CRN. The drives do reject the initial command with a headof queue tag with an Invalid Message Error (0x49,0x00), but after thatthey ignore any subsequent commands. IBM confirmed that it is a bug,and sent me test firmware that fixes the bug. However tape drives inthe field will still exhibit the bug until they are upgraded.Request Sense is not often sent to targets because most errors arereported automatically through autosense in Fibre Channel and othermodern transports. ("Modern" meaning post SCSI-2.) So this is notan error that would crop up frequently. But Request Sense is useful ontape devices to report status information, aside from error reporting.This problem is less serious without FC-Tape features turned on,specifically precise delivery of commands (which enables CommandReference Numbers), enabled on the target and initiator. WithoutFC-Tape features turned on, the target would return an error andthings would continue on.And it also does not cause problems for targets that do taggedqueueing, because in those cases the isp(4) driver just uses thetag type that is specified in the CCB, assuming theCAM_TAG_ACTION_VALID flag is set, and defaults to sending a Simpletag action if it isn't an ordered or head of queue tag.sys/dev/isp/isp.c:In isp_start(), don't try to send Request Sense commandswith the Head of Queue tag attribute if the CCB doesn'thave a valid tag action. The tag action likely isn't validbecause the target doesn't support tagged queueing.
2017-03-16 11:04:13.940838315414pfg

Record mergeinfo for r310171.(From dim@:)Add __scanflike attributes to the kernel's sscanf() and vsscanf()declarations. This should help to catch future mismatches betweenformat strings and arguments.These were brought in r315282 by accident.
2017-03-11 03:11:08.638638315061dchagin

Record mergeinfo for r314217, r314218.
2017-03-08 22:22:01.136943314941kp

MFC r314810:pf: Fix a crash in low-memory situations(Merge-tracking only. This was mistakenly committed directly to stable/11 inr314702)
2017-02-22 15:11:41.499599314108dchagin

Record mergeinfo for r313284, r313285, r313684, r313912 missied in r314107.
2017-02-12 02:09:31.874896313678delphij

Fixup mergeinfo.
2017-02-10 01:58:40.552648313534delphij

MFC r274583: Default to use 10 seconds as nap interval instead of 1.(the mergeinfo portion; actual code changes were committed from wrongdirectory).