Random adages, quotes and fortunes

First there was Dial-A-Prayer, then Dial-A-Recipe, and even Dial-A-Footballer.
But the south-east Victorian town of Sale has produced one to top them all.
	It all began early yesterday when Sale police received a telephone
call: "You won't believe this, and I'm not drunk, but there's a wombat in the
phone booth outside the town hall," the caller said.
	Not firmly convinced about the caller's claim to sobriety, members of
the constabulary drove to the scene, expecting to pick up a drunk.
	But there it was, an annoyed wombat, trapped in a telephone booth.
	The wombat, determined not to be had the better of again, threw its
bulk into the fray. It was eventually lassoed and released in a nearby scrub.
	Then the officers received another message ... another wombat in
another phone booth.
	There it was: *Another* angry wombat trapped in a telephone booth.
	The constables took the miffed marsupial into temporary custody and
released it, too, in the scrub.
	But on their way back to the station they happened to pass another
telephone booth, and -- you guessed it -- another imprisoned wombat.
	After some serious detective work, the lads in blue found a suspect,
and after questioning, released him to be charged on summons.
	Their problem ... they cannot find a law against placing wombats in
telephone booths.
		-- "Newcastle Morning Herald", NSW Australia, Aug 1980.